Maui Local: In Your Home Optional

Non-local: Skype and Phone Sessions

Coaching sessions are ideal for families that wish to dive deeper into specific subjects relevant to their personal situations. Reconnect with your internal rhythm, learn ways to harness greater happiness, connect more deeply with your children, strengthen your family bond and instill empathy, cooperation, trust and healthy communication in your home. In this session we address your personal concerns. We get to the root of core challenges and establish healthier ways for you to connect with yourself and child, creating a stronger ohana foundation.

I offer deeply insightful, practical coaching that creates solutions for a lasting foundation of happiness for everyone involved. I support parents in becoming that which they wish to see in their children, creating a sustainable HEART to HEART connection for the whole family.


For those who live local to Maui, I have the ability to come to your home. Suitable to your needs, the session can take place solely between the adults or I can be involved with observing your family dynamic and following up with feedback at the end of the session. In certain circumstances and with enough rapport established, I can become more involved with child interaction, demonstrating a conscious approach. There are many options that can be discussed. We shape this to work for your family in the highest and best of ways.


For non-local families, we meet via Skype or phone. Contact me for further information and we can discuss what your needs are and how we can accommodate them distantly. Parents may also submit home videos for my observation of the concern at hand.

While my work goes deeper than disciplinary responses and scripts, we can sometimes identify the root cause of discordant relationships by observing ongoing behaviors and events in the family. After all, what we see outside of us is a feedback system for where we can restore love, balance, resolution and stability.

$150 per hour

60, 90 and 120 Minutes Available

Package Discounts Available

Please contact me if you desire sliding scale. We can discuss options.


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