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60 Minutes $100

90 Minutes $130

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Live confidently and compassionately


An Activation Session

60 Minutes $100

90 Minutes $130

In this session, we clear blockages that may keep us stuck in heavy emotions and negative behavioral patterns. Penetrating stagnant areas in the body and energy field, we create movement and flow once again. This restores our inspiration and opens us for opportunities. Life becomes more pleasant and joy is reignited.


Sacred Geometry Healing transforms unhealthy beliefs into supportive beliefs, creating lasting results. "Biokinesis" describes the ability to influence components within the body. Through personal life challenges, Desirae acquired exceptional skill in Biokinesis, listening to and directly communicating with the body on a cellular level. Desirae addresses health imbalances and correlating beliefs that keep the person living less than optimally. This is a transformative, gentle and relaxing experience.  


Love your life

Do you hold visions of big dreams but feel as though they are too vast to secure? Have you forgotten what your passions are? Do you frequently experience setbacks in pursuit of your dreams? Intention, joy and faith are the most potent ingredients for manifesting your wildest desires. Likewise, there are many other variables that influence these elements. In this session we explore your greatest passions and bridge where you currently are in life with your grandest vision. With sacred geometry activations, we align you with your highest potential, the people and resources to cultivate it and support for all the steps along the way. This is an inspiring, uplifting and deeply relaxing experience.

Dive deep into your personal practice...



2 Hours $250

Each additional Hour $100


Celebrate with Loved Ones

This session can be a simple Yoga-Coaching Session or we can dive deeper into poses that speak to areas of distortion in your body and how that ties into your life off the mat, creating a practice that is tailored to your personal needs and followed with Sacred Geometry Healing (given during savasana). Both options are immensely nourishing and delivered with compassion, perceptiveness and comprehensive knowledge of Yoga, both on the mat and how it integrates into life off the mat.

Enliven your gathering with Desirae's Sacred Geometry Healing and Manifestation of Desires sessions. Each guest will receive a mini session (session length is figured based on how many guests within the period of time reserved). Serving in Kapaa, Lihue, Kilauea, Wailua, Princeville, Hanalei and Poipu.


Transplant Your Roots & Grow Big in the Company of Loved Ones


60 Minutes $100

90 Minutes $130

Sink into your heart, expand your mind and heal your body. Sacred Geometry Yoga is gentle, slow & deeply comforting, taking us back to the womb where we felt our deepest safety & nourishment as human beings. In this breath to movement practice, the words woven into Desirae's instruction deliver constant awareness of how our practice ties into our lives off the mat, placing us in the point of power to shape our lives & meet our wildest desires


These classes are powerful. In group settings, the sacred geometry healing energy is magnified greatly. true embodiments of Yoga. Class entails asanas, Sacred Geometry healing (hands off, transmitted during Savasana) & deeply insightful but digestible transmissions of Divine Wisdom. Here, we become true embodiments of Yoga.


Imagination. Intuition. Expression. Freedom.

Sprout & Lead the Way, Little Stars

These classes are fun, engaging and community-building. They're designed to empower our children, feed their souls, spark their creativity and get their bellies laughing. This is a wonderful outlet for kids to channel their naturally powerful and free-flowing energy. These classes are designed to give kids the tools to approach life through empowerment, regardless of what they are faced with.


When we direct our brains toward healthy and stimulating activities, not only do we hone our ability to focus, but we also strengthen our self-discipline, increase our self-trust and confidence, tune into our passions and nourish them by boosting our joy and grounding us into peace. Not to mention, this keeps us grounded into positive thinking and values, which creates a strong oak tree that withstands the winds of peer pressure, social conflicts and stress. 


Common Elements Offered in Keiki Classes:


  • Grounding Techniques

  • Animal Breathing Techniques

  • Dance, Body Movement and Yoga

  • Energy Releasing Techniques

  • Exploration of Natural Healing Abilities

  • Playing with Intuition

  • Singing and more

Life is beautiful...

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