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Where Divine Wisdom and Delicious Medicinal Recipes Coexist

Thank you for being a part of my journey. It warms my heart to share this space with you. Having been an avid journaler for several years, I decided to transform some of my personal realizations and conversations with my Self into inspirational posts for other beautiful, precious beings such as yourself.


Journaling has healed my heart and freed my mind in so many ways. It’s helped me bring subconscious beliefs and patterns to my conscious mind to the point where throughout much of my life now it feels as if I am dreaming awake. Journaling has vastly strengthened my gift of prophetic/insightful dreams, my ability to sharply recall and interpret them and my perceptiveness in waking life. In my darkest and loneliest hours, my journal has been my best friend, my lover, mother and father. It’s where I practiced loving dialogue with myself before I felt strong enough to speak the words and take the bold actions of loving myself deeper. It’s who I’ve celebrated my victories, curiosities and downfalls with. My journal is Me.


If you haven’t journaled before, may this blog inspire you to give it a try. There is magic to be discovered in such an endeavor!

I hope this blog touches your heart, invigorates your spirit, and frees your mind. May you take slow and deliberate steps through life, stopping to smell the air, take in the view and savor the taste, as you journey to the center of your heart. We are here to live. Contrary to what we are conditioned to believe, we can meet all of our responsibilities and live a fulfilling and joyful life. It is our birthright. It takes a courageous heart and a willingness to think differently than ever before. I invite you to walk with me.


With Much Love,



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