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Transplant your roots and grow big in the company of loved ones with this powerful offering. 

Sacred Geometry Activations rewire the brain, transmute cellular trauma and restore our natural state of being. Expect deep emotional healing, mental clarity, inner peace and resolution to longstanding inner challenges, without detoxifying effects. The experience is quite profound and speaks for itself; words cannot convey its true depth.

My work accesses higher dimensional wisdom and delivers it in a very practical and digestible manner. Whether you are a beginner on this path of awakening or a long-time cosmic cruiser, the teachings that I offer are easy to assimilate, yet quenching for those who seek a deeper level of understanding. Wear something cozy for the meditation. Yoga mats and bolsters are provided.

Each session delivers a different topic and transmissions. 

$30 / 60 Minute Gathering 

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These classes are fun, engaging and community-building. They're designed to empower children, feed their souls, spark their creativity and get their bellies laughing. This is a wonderful outlet for kids to channel their naturally powerful and free-flowing energy. These classes are designed to give kids the tools to approach life through empowerment, regardless of what they are faced with.

When we direct our brains toward healthy and stimulating activities, not only do we hone our ability to focus, we also strengthen our self-discipline, increase our self-trust and confidence, tune into our passions and nourish them by boosting our joy and grounding us into peace. Not to mention, this keeps us grounded into positive thinking which creates a strong oak tree that withstands the winds of peer pressure, social conflicts and stress. 

Common Elements Offered in Keiki Classes:

  • Grounding Techniques

  • Animal Breathing Techniques

  • Dance, Body Movement and Yoga

  • Energy Releasing Techniques

  • Exploration of Natural Healing Abilities and Subtle Energies

  • Intuitive Development

  • Improv Games

  • Singing and more

$10 / first class

$20 / class thereafter

Please contact me if you desire sliding scale. We can discuss options.



Easily transform your power struggles into warm smiles and giggles!

In this practical 6-week series we explore :​

  • Foundations of New Paradigm Parenting

  • It all begins with self care: purifying our motives

  • Life through a child's eyes

  • The value of emotional connection. Learning the language of our hearts and our children & how to communicate in a simple yet multifaceted manner

  • Transforming permissive and controlling parenting into equal partnership and healthy modeling

  • How to overcome resistance, triggers & power struggles

  • The power of intention

  • Boundaries versus barriers; teaching versus modeling: conscious discipline that empowers

  • Why it may feel as if you're hitting your head and going nowhere, even with conscious parenting support

  • How to create a family environment that supports thriving on all levels

Feel confident about your role as a parent, create a mutually cohesive relationship with your children and invite more joy into your lives! This course delivers a full spectrum of wisdom, yet it is done so in a practical, digestible manner. Parents are invited to share their experiences and ask questions each week!

What is New Paradigm Parenting?

New Paradigm parenting describes connecting with our children on all levels, resulting in strong, cooperative family bonds and empowered leaders. In our society, the majority of parents and mentors focus exclusively on a child’s behavior and how to change it. In conscious parenting, we recognize behavior as a feedback system, allowing us to look deeper into the emotional layer of ourselves and children. 

When we exclusively acknowledge behavior, we model to our children that denying their body cues and focusing on outer stimuli instead grants their security. In other words they learn to bypass their natural instincts, resulting diminished self-esteem, and health, financial and relationship challenges.

In contrast, when we consciously connect with our children they learn self-respect, develop deep respect for those around them, live in gratitude, feel confident in their decision-making, maintain creative expression and naturally desire to work in cooperation with their environment and those around them.

2 hour classes

$40 / drop in

$210 / 6 week course (weekly classes)

Please contact me if you desire sliding scale. We can discuss potential options.



To book a class at your event or establishment, contact Classes may be booked individually or as a series. 

Currently offering private classes at various schools around the island.