Sacred geometry is an intelligent energy found in all life, including our human makeup; it is the building blocks of nature. Just like a cell phone that emits waves, energy runs through all of us. The energy work that I offer entails connecting with nature’s sacred geometric patterns and transmitting it through energy. It transforms our mental, physical and emotional bodies to a healthier state with no detox. 

The onset of my sacred geometry healing gift occurred while living on Big Island during 2011. Inspired by images seen in my mind's eye, I began spontaneously drawing them. Over time I meditated with the various patterns I had drawn. The life transformation I experienced was rapid and profound. After receiving several requests from my community, I began personalizing these patterns for clients. In 2016 my awareness of my gift evolved and I began energetically transmitting the patterns in healing sessions.

I spent approximately three years learning how to work with the energy as I healed myself from a life-altering, "incurable" illness. Life opened up in fascinating ways. Now I share my wisdom and talents with my community. Life is so good!