What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry patterns are the building blocks of nature. It is an intelligent energy found in all life, including our human makeup. Just like a cell phone that emits waves, energy runs through all of us. The energy work that I offer entails connecting with nature’s sacred geometry patterns and transmitting it through energy like reiki. It transforms the energy in the body to a healthier state with no detox. 


The onset of Desirae's sacred geometry healing gift occurred while living on Big Island during 2011. She saw sacred geometry patterns in her mind's eye and began drawing them. Over time, she meditated with various patterns, experiencing rapid life transformation. Per the request of Desirae's community, she began personalizing these patterns for clients. In 2016, she discovered that her gift includes energetically transmitting the patterns in healing sessions.


Prior to offering sacred geometry energy healing to clients, Desirae first formed an intimate relationship with her gift. Faced with a life-altering, "incurable" illness, and very little understanding and support from those around her, she turned to her gift. With her powerful energy work, she loved herself back to a state of health. Life opened up in fascinating ways. Now she shares her wisdom and talents with her community.


How did this gift come to Desirae?

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Disclaimer: Please be advised, the services offered by Desirae Bloom do not replace professional medical or psychological care.