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Hi, my name is Desirae, mama to two beautiful children and a woman on a mission to share with the world just how simple, playful, and abundant life is when we show up as ourselves. My passion stems from a journey of chronic fear and anxiety that manifested into a number of life challenges turned into victories. It was my unwavering determination to live a happier and easier life that rose me out of the challenges and into the joyful state that I am in today.

As I walked through my trials, I prayed for peace and clarity and repeatedly looked to sources outside of myself thinking "I will feel happier, healthier, and more stable when..." For more than a decade I hit my head against the wall over and over waiting for my breakthrough to happiness. Meanwhile, my situation grew dimmer. Stripped of life's material luxuries, my health, family stability, and friendships, I turned to meditation. I started a daily yoga practice, began weaving intentional nuggets of self-love throughout my days, and began exploring self-healing through visualization and energy work. From here, my intuitive connection became my greatest asset. Finally, the truth hit me like a ton of bricks: all dis-ease begins in the mind. 

Intensely afraid, the journey of befriending my mind began. One year ago in the midst of dire health circumstances and unable to support myself independently, I was asked to leave my home. Today I wake up happy to be alive, living abundantly on a tropical island that I now call home. But we don't have to hit bottom to reach our place of peace and happiness. It's all within us. My passion is to help you uncover your inner light in a manner of sweet grace. Welcome home, my love!


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Maui, Hawai'i


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