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Rebuilding Ourselves from the Inside Out

Essentially, I help people deal with the hard stuff. When challenges arise it's easy to get swept away. Even deeper, so many of us deal with challenges on a regular basis and don't even realize our innate authority over our situation. We often wonder when things will get better but in truth life is actually waiting for us to decide. When are you ready to unapologetically live the life you desire and what does that look like?

My work entails helping you find your internal rhythm, deepen your intuitive connection, resolve areas of trauma, attachment and addiction, restore balance between your various roles, and bring your relationships into greater harmony - starting with your own inner romance. In getting back to the core of you, inner conflict diminishes, dreams become actualized, you do what you love and get paid for it, your relationships are strong, stable and nourishing, your intuition is clear and you feel a true satisfaction with life. Life still presents you with challenges but you have the clarity, inner peace, self-trust and resources to solve them with grace. Using my keen intuition, I help you see the most elusive patterns that keep you feeling confused and stuck and reclaim your energy so that you can walk away feeling empowered with the tools to create a new life for yourself. 



My Passion for Supporting Children and Families

In a world where the demands are high, living out of touch with our internal rhythm is a common circumstance that most of us don't even realize we're experiencing. This often results from conditioning that's influenced us to grow up too fast. In our creative explorations we were often interrupted by our parents' schedule, our parents' beliefs that didn't support our curiosity, lack of money or resources or other standards that said we needed to focus our attention elsewhere for our betterment. 

As a mother and previous teacher, I have witnessed many expectations placed on children that are outside of their natural desires. This type of upbringing causes a person's nervous system to entrain to their environment and deprives them of the opportunity to develop a true sense of what their nervous system naturally feels like. It was a trauma induced illness that brought this to my attention. In order to restore my health, feel more relaxed and joyful, tap into greater creativity and experience deeper intimacy, I needed to slow down and find my internal rhythm again. By doing so, I cured myself of an "incurable" disease. From this experience I developed a keen ability to guide others in a very practical, digestible and compassionate manner.

My passion resides in helping families find their internal rhythm, creating a strong foundation to build from. This entails discovering what our deeper needs are and balancing our self care with family, career and community time. From there I support families in effective conflict resolution, time management and support in pursuing their deepest passions. The result is a happy group of interdependent individuals living a fulfilled life with the tools to grow through challenges and create victories in their lives.


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Unconscious living is primarily driven by the mind. It uses subconscious data collected from past experiences to create future experiences, thus perpetuating old stories of struggle, challenge and partially satisfying outcomes. Heart awakening takes place and wisdom is gained primarily through pain and loss. Not everyone perceives it this way however because so many humans don’t know what real happiness, worthiness, creativity and sensuality feels like. This can be referred to as a person who is “asleep.” They do not know what they are missing and therefore do not aim for more until they have lost a dear partner or perhaps an amazing opportunity that leaves them hungry for something greater, thus their heart has awakened. This happens in pieces over time. Some people can begin their “waking up” process 10 years before become fully awakened, while others may awaken spontaneously.

People who live primarily in their minds live in reaction to what’s happening to them rather than responding to what is happening for them. Their nervous systems clack at a higher than healthy rate and they often are not aware because they are entrained to the speediness of their environment. When living unconsciously the mind and heart are primarily working in competition with one another. The heart wants one thing, the mind often chooses differently in efforts to gain perceived security. For example, Sally may settle for a partner that holds himself back so she doesn’t feel challenged to face her own fears. However in another area she craves more excitement and play in her life. Here, the mind does what it wants and the heart is subject to all of the consequences. 

Conscious living is guided by the heart. Untethered from past stories or future predictions, the heart resides in the present moment. She lives for joy. She revels in the pleasures of life, noticing the twinkle in another’s eyes, tears welling up at the sight of a beautiful mountain, patient with the small child and ever so gentle when she caresses her lover’s skin. She also sings and dances, she’s alive and free, a spirit untamed and unweathered. When we live from our hearts, we are relaxed, we willingly feel our unpleasant emotions, we live in sync with our internal rhythm. In other words, our nervous system is calm rather than speeding to keep up with our environment, we carry a peaceful grounded presence that influences those around us to slow down and relax. When challenges arise we feel safe and trust that everything will work out. Our mind is clear and we take responsive action rather than reactive. The heart and mind work in unison with one another. The mind protects, provides and encourages. He helps to execute the ideas of the heart. The heart receives and expresses freely. 


When we ground we are drawing our spirit into our bodies which then allows us to express our creativity in sustainable ways and therefore energetically connecting us with the earth. A person who is well grounded generally feels safe and calm. A person who is ungrounded is prone to day to day worry and anxiety. A number of people ground into materials, relationships and ideas outside of themselves, giving the appearance of being well grounded but the downfall here is they are grounded into finite sources. For instance when a relationship ends they become unstable in some way, revealing that they in fact are not grounded. A person who is well grounded expresses their soul’s purpose They are joyful, healthy, highly creative, compassionate, stable and abundant. Their higher potential is actualized. 


Finite foundations make up the unconscious paradigm. They are those relationships, situations, ideas and establishments that we “plug into” for perceived comfort and security without first connecting with our infinite happiness. For example we may desire immediate stability, bypass our intuition and instead settle for a job that pays good money but stifles our creativity. This results in us feeling secure in one area but unfulfilled in another. The illusion is that we have gained higher ground when in fact we have sacrificed our creative freedom in order to gain money. This can be likened to transferring money from one bank account to another rather than actually receiving a new deposit into both accounts. 

A person who plugs into partially satisfying experiences develops a dependency on those sources. They may appear to be well grounded but in fact just have connection to a lot of finite sources. If those sources were to go away the person’s joy would diminish either until they turn within (conscious paradigm) or turn to another finite source (unconscious paradigm). When we turn within we come face to face with our mind and our emotions that have been longtime repressed by the mind. We become conscious of our thoughts, feel our feelings and in turn clear them, unveiling our love, joy and creativity. Nevertheless crossing through belief systems and repressed emotions can be quite scary, confusing and uncomfortable, hence the unconscious reason so many avoid turning within. This is where my support comes into play.


A person who is grounded in their infinite happiness relies on their intuition and recognizes their self-worth above what most conditioning in our culture recognizes. As a result they create opportunities that are nourishing on all levels. They may come up with an idea or work with an establishment that easily pays their living expenses, feeds their passion and it may offer all kinds of other perks like free childcare, close to home and so forth. The difference between drawing from finite foundations versus infinite happiness is finite foundations provide us with a temporary sense of happiness. When we ground into our infinite happiness we live in joy and therefore what we create in our lives is a result of our happiness. The more grounded we are into our infinite happiness, the healthier our relationships, the easier our lives flow and the more creative we are. Also our work takes on a higher meaning than ever before. 


Our internal rhythm is how we feel in our calmest and most natural state. Outside of stresses, distractions and busyness, when we are relaxed, intuitive and feeling satisfied with our lives, we are residing at our internal rhythm. However most people are out of sync. As a result of unhealthy conditioning throughout our world, this often starts from the time that we are babies. Children are often pushed before they are ready, from daycare to sleeping a distance from their parents, eating unnatural foods, drinking out of a bottle instead of breastfeeding, and/or perhaps experiencing punishment or neglect from the adults around them – who in most cases do not realize the weight of their actions because they were raised similarly. 

There are many ways that our internal rhythms are interrupted but most people have no idea because it is what nearly everyone else is doing. In many Native American traditions, newborn babies stayed home for the first 1-2 months with the mother; only immediate family members were allowed to come in contact with the baby. They understood the importance of the child gaining a strong sense of what they feel like before exposing them to sources that may move faster, louder or more intensely. When a person knows their internal rhythm they are in tune with their intuition, they know who they are, what they want and they know and speak their boundaries clearly.


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